Planet Earth

I have been really enjoying the BBC Series Planet Earth.  I am extremely impressed with the quality and subject matter of the footage, and can watch these episodes over and over again.

PLanet Earth DVD

As we have an HDTV, I am going to wait to purchase the series until we have a BlueRay player.  I don’t think that I have a favorite episode, although the episode on caves was fascinating, and the footage of the Birds of Paradise in Indonesia was astounding.  The Discovery Channel is currently replaying the Planet Earth series with two episodes every Sunday night!

Kevin Knuth

New Mexico Blasts into the Future!

Spaceport America Logo 

New Mexico voters in Doña Ana country approved the new Spaceport Tax, which will help the state of New Mexico fund the world’s first commercial spaceport: “Spaceport America“.  Virgin Galactic (described in a previous post) which will begin its space tourism in The Mojave Desert of California will establish its headquarters in New Mexico and will conduct its space tourism flights from there.  Spaceport America will be located about 35 miles north of Las Cruces NM. 

Governor Bill Richardson released a statement saying, “This positive vote for the spaceport ballot initiative means America’s new frontier begins in southern New Mexico.” and continued saying “I’m proud that the people of Doña Ana County chose a high-tech and high-wage future, with better math and science education, and expanded opportunities for young men and women right here in New Mexico.”

Spaceport Sweden Logo

Spaceport America will be joining Spaceport Sweden in Kiruna Sweden, which was officially inaugurated on Friday January 26, 2006.  Spaceport Sweden will handle commercial space flights out of Europe with unique amenities such as flying into the Aurora Borealis and staying at the ICE HOTEL.

If you still think that this will never happen, Virgin Galactic revealed that  38,000 people have already paid a deposit for the $200,000 two and a half hour flight.  They expect operations to begin in 2009.
Start Saving…

Kevin Knuth
Albany NY

Texture and Wallpaper Gallery

I often like to take photgraphs of various textures and wallpaper. This includes brick walls, tree bark, earth, water, and so on.  Recently, I went through and collected together some of these images that I have captured, and I organized them into a photo gallery:

I have been using the Simple Picture Gallery Manager 

and found it to work very easily.  I also installed Gallery Mage 

which makes it very easy to arrange and caption your photos. 
I was able to set it up in an hour or so.

The water surfaces are my favorites.  Below is a photograph of the Pacific Ocean waves just off the shore of the Galapagos.  Meanwhile, I have been trying to sell some of my photos online at
To my surprise, I now have sold quite a few.

 Ocean Waves

Kevin Knuth
Albany NY

No Chickadees

Our birdwatching trip to the Boreal Forests of northern Wisconsin was very exciting.  We did not see any Boreal Chickadees, nor did we see any Black-Backed Woodpeckers, which we also looked for.  However, we did see several Gray Jays, which in my opinion are beautiful. 

Gray Jay

They have no crest, but are covered in soft fluffy feathers that range in color over all shades of gray.  It is a bird that knows how to work with what its got.  Other highlights of the trip included three Porcupines, a Snowshoe Hare, Bobcat tracks, and two tagged Trumpeter Swans, which have recently been reintroduced into Wisconsin.

I had never appreciated how suddenly the Boreal Forests start as one heads north once you are north of Antigo WI.  There are also a great number of bogs in northern Wisconsin as well.

A Wisconsin Bog

A bog is a circular-shaped depression often surrounded by Black Spruce trees (thanks to my dad Rocky for the phone pic above).  Mats of sphagnum moss grow at the water’s edge and slowly grow inward forming a tangled mat that one can walk on.  We didn’t go out walking on the bog this time, but I have done it before, and it is fun how the mat moves up and down as you walk and as waves travel across the water under the mat.  As you step near a small tree growing through the mat, the tree bends toward you as your weight deforms the mat.

On the evening of Saturday April 8th, we were thrilled to see the Northern Lights.  There were sheets of light green veils hanging from the sky flickering in the silent sky.  They were so beautiful.

After our boreal adventure, we drove back to my home town of Fond du Lac WI.  On Tuesday night (April 11, 2006) my brother Joshua took us out into the country east of Fond du Lac to look for frogs and salamanders.  It was unseasonably warm and humid…you could say froggy.  We found several Blue-Spotted Salamanders by driving very slowly down the highway and watching for them crossing the road.  [Insert your favorite ‘Cross the Road’ joke here].  We also stopped for a while to listen to the chorus of frogs.  What amazed me was that once I stopped to listen—really listen—I could hear all the different kinds of frogs.  I heard the peeping of the Spring Peepers, the clucking sounds of the Wood Frogs, and the comb-tooth-playing sounds of the Chorus Frogs.  (Click on the links for frog calls)  I didn’t hear the Gray Tree Frog that my father and brother picked out.  In addition, we heard a Woodcock, a Common Snipe, a Barred Owl, and a Coyote.  The moon was almost full and the sparse clouds were racing away on the sky above us while we were surrounded, not by silence, but by the active excited clamour of the nocturnal wildlife.

Kevin Knuth
Bronx NY